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Stage and Setup

We're a one-stop shop for all the gear you need to put on a show as well as the people you need to set it up and run it!
Concert Lighting

Our Stageline SL 100 portable stage provides a versatile and dynamic base for any concert or event . Learn More


With line arrays and speaker systems from NEXO, dB Technologies, Yamaha, Bose and more, we can provide the volume you need. Learn More


We have total control over sound and lights with our sound consoles from Yamaha, Avid, Behringer, DiGiCo and Midas and our lighting consoles from HES and Elation. Learn More

Multi-colored Lights

You won't believe how cool we can make your show look with our lights by HEC and Elation. Learn More or see some examples.


Guitar amps, bass rigs, keyboards, drumsets and percussion, even guitars and other instruments. We've got you covered. See a full list

LED Screen

How about a wall of video up to 16' by 9' by ADJ? You can see this from the back!  See Details

StageLine SL-100

Our mobile stage boasts a full hydraulic set-up with a  floor size of 24' X 20' (up to 40’ x 32’), with a bandshell of 24’ x 12’. 

With a set-up time of only 30 minutes, It features a total rigging capacity of 11,800 lb, permanently mounted side rigging trusses with a 1,500 lb capacity per side, a perfect match for our line array speakers and lighting rig. It also includes full height rain-walls on three sides.


This is the perfect stage for your event or concert series.

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