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Studio Gear & Spaces

Jereco Studios is a professional recording studio located in Bozeman, MT, featuring the best of both analog and modern digital tools. Sound is a passion, and we focus on making a big sound in an intimate setting for Music, Film, Television, and Video Games.

We have good tracking rooms, vocal booths, and a solid staff to get outstanding results.
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  • The studio is powered by Yamaha Nuage.  The primary DAW is Nuendo, while we also run Pro Tools,  There are variety of tape based options and other recording goodies.

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  • Yamaha Nuage, DiGiCo SD12, DiGiCo S21, Avid Venue Profile, Midas M32

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  • There are so many great in house microphones, they cannot all be listed on this page.  Here are a few noteworthy mics: Sanken CU-41, AEA KU4, Neumann U87, AKG 414b-uls, Shure KSM44, DPA 4011, just to name a few

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  • Too much outboard to list.  Here are a few goodies: RND Shelford Channel, Neve 1073lb, Neve 88r, API 512V, RND 511, A-Designs P1, SSL VHD, SSL G-Comp, Rascal Two-V Stereo, Grace Designs m501, Focusrite Red1, AEA RPQ500, Millennia HV-35, LaChapell Audio 583s MK2 Tube, Focusrite ISA 828, Telos Zephyr XStream

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  • Genelec 8351

  • Genelec 8331

  • Genelec 8330

  • Genelec 8020

  • Genelec 8010

  • Adam A77X

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  • Lots of great in-house instruments: Guitars, drums, amps, keyboards, and other backline gear.

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