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Studio Services  

627 E Peach St,

Bozeman, MT 59715

Call | 1-888-776-5582 

A/V Design & Install

140 Graves Trail

Bozeman, MT 59718

Call​ | 888-776-5582

Your Passion:

Our Precision

where creativity meets innovation
in Studio, Stage, and Spaces

Three Pillars of Jereco


Jeremiah Slovarp's leadership has propelled the studio's flagship

recording services to become the foremost choice in the Pacific Northwest.

Pairing with the management of Luke Scheeler, our studio boasts a team of several sound engineers dedicated to recording the best tracks for both celebrities and emerging artists.

  • Post production sound: 

    • Re-recording

    • Pre-mixing

    • Special FX

    • Foley

    • Voice over

    • Sync to picture ADR stage

  • Music Production:

    • Serving musicians through the entire creative process

    • Digital or Analogue

    • Mastering services 

    • Music-archive preservation

Behind the Great Performance

“He shows up spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically and always plays his


Screenshot 2024-03-02 at 11.47.54.png

Bringing Art into the

New Era

“Slovarp and his team see AV integration as an art and they’re committed to bringing that art into a new era and a better world.”

Connecting a Community

"Now more than ever, we need new ways to connect" 

Cracked Concrete Wall
Cracked Concrete Wall

2022 InfoCom  
with Ryan, Chris
& Ryder

A quick review of what our network technician, Ryder Usher, LOVED at the 2022 Infocomm. 

Filming a Scene

Responding to Covid-19 and the pivot to Livestream Video at Jereco 

At Jereco, we are always looking for creative solutions. During Covid-19 we had an opportunity to expand into live-streaming with high-speed network switching to ensure programs like "Cooking with Montana Mex" and the Bozeman Symphony could continue to foster community in the safest way possible. We were able to build a new service so live events can stay connected in many different circumstances. 

Copy of Connect Dante from Recievers_edi

Many users of the Shure Wireless Apps know how to connect one device to their mixer, however, at Jereco we have noticed a challenge in connecting more than one device on a single network. From our base router, there are small but important details that can be overlooked when building out your stadium set-up.
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