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Meet the Team

Studio | 627 E Peach St, Bozeman, MT 59715


A/V design and install | 140 Graves Trail Bozeman, MT 59718

Call​ | 888-776-5582

Jeremiah Slovarp

President | Technical Director | Re-Recording Engineer

Jeremiah began his career as a location sound engineer on films and commercials. In 2002 he started Jereco Studios, designing his first commercial recording facility in Bozeman, Montana, and in 2010. Jeremiah earned his first Emmy Award for Audio for his work on the 11th & Grant TV series with Montana PBS. To Date, Jeremiah has earned eleven Emmy Awards.

A graduate of Montana State University – Bozeman, Jeremiah continues supporting, working, and teaching at the institution. Jeremiah is faculty at the School of Music.

Jeremiah was elected to serve as a Director At-Large for the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences on the Board of Directors. An active member of the Audio Engineering Society [AES] and the Recording Academy [Grammy Awards].

Jeremiah enjoys skiing wherever there is fresh powder, trout fishing in his childhood backyard of the West Boulder River, driving big trucks, and listening to music of all kinds.

Ross Ridenour

Director of Operations

Ross Ridenour, a Bozeman local and 2011 graduate of Montana State University with a Bachelor of Science in Finance, seamlessly integrated his passion for music with his financial acumen. During his time at MSU, he balanced roles as a Financial Analyst at a local CPA firm and as a versatile musician, performing as a guitarist, bassist, and vocalist across various bands while also composing original pieces.

Transitioning into his professional career, Ross managed a prominent independent music instrument retail store for six years, overseeing global client relations and contributing to regional 'build and install' projects for theaters, studios, and commercial spaces. He earned recognition as an acoustic and electric guitar expert, serving as editor for a nationally acclaimed acoustic guitar review publication and collaborating with renowned manufacturers such as Paul Reed Smith Guitars, Gibson, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, and others.

Ross continues his passion for the industry utilizing his experience to facilitate the audio, visual,
and lighting needs for commercial, residential, and venue spaces with Jereco Studios, Inc.

Luke Scheeler

Studio Manager | Audio Editor & Engineer | Composer

Luke Scheeler is a drummer, composer, and three-time Emmy award winner for his work as an audio mixer and sound designer. Through Jereco, he provides audio post-production services for film and television, as well as recording services for albums, voiceovers, and podcasts.

Catch him behind the drum kit with Goochslam at your local dive bar.

Scott Stebbins

Project Manager

Scott Stebbins is the Project Manager, Lead Field Technician, and System Designer with the installation division of Jereco Studios, in Bozeman, Montana. Originally from Helena, he graduated from Montana State University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Technology and a minor in English Writing. While at MSU, Scott worked as a concert recording technician, lab monitor, and production intern at MontanaPBS. His work at MontanaPBS led to multiple opportunities in the audio/visual field, including pre-wiring with Black Box Design, editing video for on-air interstitials, and field recording audio for a documentary in Europe. Over the years, Scott rose through the ranks of the regional audiovisual integration market, installing home integration systems (audio, video, network, HVAC, security, lighting, and window treatment) and quickly moved into his current lead field technician/project management role. In this role, he has led, designed, and installed projects budgeted up to $750,000 focusing on high-end custom system integration in residential and commercial establishments, including private homes, conference rooms, bars, restaurants, and music venues.

In addition to his work at Jereco Studios, he has been a professional upright bassist with the Bozeman Symphony, bluegrass band The Bridger Creek Boys, and others since 2008.

Ryan Meissner

Senior Project Engineer

Ryan Meissner moved to the west in 2007 and has been active in the audiovisual integration industry in the region since. His talents range from system design and programming to project management and implementation. Through completion and oversight of many commercial and residential projects, Ryan has showcased his attention to detail and focus on customer experience. Ryan has successfully integrated lighting control, window treatment, security, climate, audiovisual, network, and other peripheral systems into ergonomic control platforms on projects valuing up to $1,200,000. His background in electrical engineering, including a B.S.E.E. allow him to tackle the most challenging technical projects while remaining attentive to them from a comprehensive perspective.

Chris Cundy

Systems Designer

Chris, a Montana State University Electrical Engineering graduate of 2005, played pivotal roles in Bozeman's arts and technical realms. Contributing to the Willson Auditorium renovation, he helped design its sound and lighting systems. At the Rialto Theater, Chris's consultancy included designing and installing lighting fixtures and control systems, later serving as Technical Director. His lighting designs can be seen at events like Montana State University Commencement and the Red Ants Pants Festival.

Proficient in ETC EOS and High End Systems HOG 4 consoles, he's also adept at AVID, MIDAS, and DiGiCo consoles. In 2019, he became an Electronic Theater Controls Authorized Service Provider.

Beyond tech, Chris's 18-year piano career includes performing alongside Dave Brubeck and Cyril Neville. A longtime Bozeman resident, Chris, his wife, and daughter revel in mountain adventures. His dual perspective as artist and engineer enriches every project he undertakes.

Duke Milakovich

Production Manager

Duke Milakovich joined Fall of 2023 full-time as the Production Manager at Jereco. He has many years of experience working with local and national TV programming including MSU Football games. He brings a wide range of experience from multiple national programs and we are grateful to have his expertise on our team.

Jim Dungan

Website Manager

Jim is the Website Manager and Office Assistant at Jereco. Jim Grew up in Missoula, MT and attended Berklee College of Music and Montana State University.

When not at the Jereco offices, Jim teaches guitar and performs with the “Bridger Creek Boys”.

Ryder Usher

AV Technician

Ryder Usher is a great team lead for Jereco and is our resident expert on in-house networking.

Mark Dorcak

AV Technician

Born and raised in San Jose, California, Mark moved to Montana to pursue his degree in Music Technology at Montana State University. Outside of his life as an AV Technician, Mark is a drummer, audio mixer for film, and multimedia artist with works premiered at international exhibitions. He enjoys playing video games with friends, sailing on Montana’s lakes, and brewing beer.

Jesse Emby

Lighting Designer | Show Programmer

Jesse is our lighting lead for shows with Jereco. Growing up Boca Raton, Florida, Jesse got a BA in Theater from Florida Gulf Coast University where he focused on lighting design. Jesse fell in love with Montana and started to work with Jereco while he was on vacation with his family in Big Sky. He has not left since.

In his free time Jesse like to ski, play video games, and ride his motorcycle.

Sean Hartford

Sound Engineer | Production Technician

Sean Hartford is one of our highly-skilled audio engineers at Jereco. He graduated in 2016 with a BA in Music Technology where he left to work for several years in California. Having worked in both corporate and musical settings, Sean is flexible in his capabilities behind a mixing board.

In his free time Sean enjoys cooking, snowboarding, rock climbing, and spirited drives through the many canyons surrounding Bozeman.

Garrett Stephens

Monitor Engineer | Stageline SL100 Operator & Driver

Garrett Stephens is a Stageline SL100 operator/driver, and monitor engineer for Jereco. Garrett has a BA in Music Technology and has worked in live event production since 2018, including performing on saxophone with several groups.

Outside of work he likes snow sports, playing music, and composing.

Nate Ghormley

Sound Engineer | Stage Technician

Nate is a great sound engineer with Jereco. Nate is an audio engineer, composer, and performer who has become an flexible team player. He can fill any role, whether it’s setting up AV for conferences and events, FOH/Monitor engineering, helping as a stage hand, or even performing at events himself. He joined the team after graduating from Montana State University with a BA in Music Technology minor in Business Entrepreneurship.

Outside of work, Nate is the lead audio engineer with Moonlight Productions as well as a member of the tech teams at The Ellen Theater, The Elm, and The Rialto Theater in Bozeman.

Jessica Joyce

Event Coordinator

Jessica Coordinates events for our team specializing in scheduling and keeping communication channels clear. She plays a vital role with our long term clients such as the Kimpton Inn's Armory.

Trace Ketterling

Sound Engineer | Stage Technician

Trace is the Jack of All Trades at Jereco. Growing up in Southeast Wyoming, Trae has family roots in Montana.  Before joining the team in 2022, Trace graduated from Montana State University's Music Technology program. Trace enjoys being a "Swiss Army Knife" at Jereco with skills in both audio, lighting, and video-wall technician.

In his free time Trace plays and releases music under multiple projects: MINT, Windsor Io, Storey Blvd. And Ranger X

Brady Cool

Lighting Designer | Stage Technician

Brady is our second-in-command for lighting project with Jereco. Brady was born in New Jersey but grew up in San Antonio Texas. Brady is a Music Technology student at Montana State University and while studying music he also found a love and passion for concert lighting. Brady has been into music (both performance and production) since he was 12.

In his free time, Brady loves to ski, climb, and hang out with friends.

Cole Chesley

Social Media Manager | Stage Technician

Cole Chelsey manages the Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok channel for Jereco, taking the reigns in Summer 2023 after graduating from Montana State University with a BA in Music Technology.

Outside of work, he spends time with his friends and manages multiple other TikTok accounts @Coleches

Matt Grayson

A1 Audio Engineer

Matt Grayson works is a highly-skilled audio engineer at Jereco. Matt has been actively working in live sound and event production since 2016 and received his BA in Music Technology from Montana State University in 2018.

Stephan Gueguen

Project Manager | A1 Audio Engineer

Stephan is an audio engineer who specializes in concert and theatrical sound design. After graduating from Montana State University, with a BA in music technology, Stephan became the technical director of the Ellen Theater in Bozeman.

In his spare time, he enjoys the many outdoor activities that Bozeman has to offer.

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